Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 Update Overview

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We are excited to announce that Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 is available. The main areas of focus for this new release are: 

  • UX enhancements: Improve usability and readability of the web application, making data entry faster and easier.
  • Extensibility and application platform enhancements, such as improvements to security and data management.
  • Enhancements to the in-app designer tools: Allowing administrators and customizers to tailor applications through a graphical user interface, rather than writing code, with the Unified Interface framework used for the Customer Service Hub, Dynamics 365 for phones, Dynamics 365 for tablets, and Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. 

Below are some of the highlights of the new release.


User Interface Refresh

Users will see forms with customer data grouped in easy-to-read containers that streamline data entry. The new field styling to make empty fields easier to see and text wraps within fields to improve readability. The changes include:

  • Removing unneeded whitespace on forms and dashboards with content containers having defined borders and consistent spacing between sections.
  • Improved visual hierarchy with a new clipboard structuring for page content, including forms, dashboards, and grids.
  • Inclusion of standardized fonts for consistency
  • Enhanced intuitive user experience, including tabs, buttons, and input fields for greater user productivity
  • Per customer request, long text labels and values are wrapped on forms
  • Per customer requests, color customization for sub-grid headers on forms
  • Advanced find has the option to build a “Not In” query for all cases that do not have a related task


Unified Interface Framework for New Applications

In this release, there has been investment in a new Unified Interface Framework, providing a uniformed experience across all applications, with accessibility in mind. It uses responsive web design principles to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any device, no matter the screen size, device, or orientation.


Introducing Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. It is intuitive to use, works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales, and built-in business intelligence.

  • Create graphical email messages and online content to support marketing initiatives with customizable templates for emails and landing pages and drag-and-drop design tools for simple, personalized content creation
  • Design interactive customer journeys to nurture leads with personalized experience to create automated, multichannel campaigns that send personalized emails, generate follow-up activities, and launch workflows, among other capabilities.
  • Prioritization of leads through setting up automated lead scoring rules to automatically identify the hottest leads based on their interactions on the customer journey, automatically pairing with a salesperson when deemed a purchase-ready, hot lead.
  • Organize and publicizing events by keeping all information organized and centralized for easy access.
  • Actionable survey results with easy-to-create surveys making it simple to deliver feedback to customers to grow relationships and revenue
  • Track the Marketing Return on Investment (MROI) using dashboards and reports to track the performance of marketing initiatives and identify the best lead sources and marketing activities.
  • Sharing Across Teams to understand how every interaction affects overall results, connecting sales and marketing processes to automate follow-ups and track lead progress.
  • Tapping into LinkedIn’s Business Prospects by importing leads generated with LinkedIn’s lead tools directly into Dynamics 365.
    • A new solution allows users to run LinkedIn lead generation ad campaigns and sync results with Dynamics 365 for Sales
    • The new solution will be available on AppSource: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
    • Able to support multiple LinkedIn accounts in the same organization to access and bring in leads from campaigns using multiple profiles
    • Customize lead-matching strategies to define which field are utilized to match with Dynamics 365 leads, such as email address, last name, or company name
    • Ability to analyze lead performance across multiple sources by tracking and analyzing the performance of LinkedIn lead capture and other sources


Customer Service Hub

Formerly called the Interactive Service Hub, it has been rebuilt with this release on the new Unified Interface as a stand-alone application. It shows all your vital customer service information in one place, making it easier for your team to prioritize and act on service cases.

  • New and improved business process flows: The stages can be displayed in floating and docked mode in a vertical layout for easier visualization. Optional steps can also be added to the business process flow, defining criteria to trigger it. The Business Process flow is now an entity with custom view creation capabilities. 
  • Timeline and Activity Feed Enhancements: An improved timeline lets service reps view all customer interactions for a case in a single stream. Representatives can create, update, and manage notes, posts, and other interactions directly on the timeline. The activity feed will give the service team visibility into the timeline of events so resolution and collaboration will be more effective.
  • Activity Management: New quick create forms have been added for tasks, phone calls, and appointments with customization capabilities.
  • Knowledge Management: Based on the new Unified Interface, it allows for authoring, editing, searching, publishing, and translating knowledge articles using Knowledge Management.


Outlook App

The updated version of Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is now available as a preview feature. Users can utilize the power of Dynamics 365 while using Microsoft Outlook. The new version of Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is built on the Unified Interface framework. The app keeps the functionality from previous versions, but adds additional capabilities with the Unified Interface.

  • View List Items
  • Site Map
  • Detailed Record View
  • Relevance Search


Dynamics 365 Mobile App

The new mobile application is also built on the new Unified Interface. Current users will not need to download an update from the app store; the new functionality with be updated with the latest version. The new functionality includes:

  • New navigation
  • Taking action on record without opening the record
  • iFrame and Web Resource Support in Dynamics 365 for Phones


Power BI Enhancements

You can now embed Power BI dashboards and tiles in Dynamics 365 selected from group-based Power BI App Workspaces. Previously, dashboards and tiles could only be embedded from the Workspace.


For more information on the new release, check out the release news.


Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/whats-new/custo...

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