CRM for Tablets/Phone PSA: Know Your Supported Versions!

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While it’s always important to keep tabs on what operating system versions are supported for which CRM versions, the recent release of CRM 2016 means that Microsoft has moved on while many organizations may be in the process of evaluating the upgrade before taking the dive. With OS upgrades being pushed out to tablet and phone users on an increasingly regular basis, it has become even more vital to know which updates your users should wait to apply.

For instance, the CRM 2016 article on Support for CRM for phones and CRM for tablets has the following:

However, the CRM 2015 article on Support for CRM for phones and CRM for tablets has this:

This means that if your users have been upgrading their OS when prompted by their device, but your organization is waiting to upgrade to CRM 2016, there may be some issues that arise in the tablet/phone app that Microsoft will not support.

For a more in-depth list of supported versions, including devices and build numbers, you can reference this knowledge base article: Support for Tablet Browser, CRM for Tablets, and CRM for Phones with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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