CRM REST Builder: A Useful Tool for Working with CRM 2016’s Web API

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With CRM 2016, came the Web API; a new endpoint allowing the creation, deletion, update and retrieval of CRM data. While Microsoft has stated that the old 2011 endpoint will remain in order to support backwards compatibility, it has been deprecated, and ideally should not be used for new development. While building Web API requests remains largely the same, there’s a handy tool to generate the code for you: Jason Lattimer's CRM Rest Builder.

Available as a managed solution, the CRM Rest Builder provides a straightforward interface for building both 2011 and Web API queries. It’s as simple as selecting your action, format, entity and other details, then clicking “Create Request.”


The tool will generate the code and even allow for direct editing and testing. Though, as it warns, any testing done is done directly against the data; a create request will create an actual record and a delete request will actually delete records.




Being that this is an open source project, it’s still in development, and you can find a list of known issues on the project's documentation page. One thing we’ve noticed is that the tool moves a little slowly in our test environment, so the lack of a “loading” icon can make it appear as if it’s hanging. If you’re using it in a slow environment, it may require a little patience. Another thing is that the “Asynchronous”/”Synchronous” buttons do not appear to have an effect on the code generated; the results were always asynchronous. Not much of an inconvenience, but just something to keep an eye out for and another reminder that it’s important to always review the code a tool generates before you integrate it into your own project.

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