CRM 2016 Gotcha: Fix that unsupported JavaScript!

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It’s never officially recommended to write unsupported JavaScript for CRM, but it is sometimes necessary to fulfill certain requirements. Previous versions of CRM allowed a developer to access the DOM elements for fields on a form simply by using “document.getElementById,” but you might find that you can no longer find your fields after you upgrade to CRM 2016 (provided you’re not using legacy form rendering). Turns out that the cheese was just moved over a node, so popping a “parent” on there will possibly address your issues.

Take the code below, for instance. This is a function we use to collapse or expand a form row depending on the visibility of the field it contains. After upgrading to CRM 2016, that “document.getElementById(ctrlName + '_d');” was returning a null, but all that was needed was the red line to get things working again.

function Row_SetVisibility(ctrlName, value) {

    if (Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get(ctrlName) != null) {




    var row = document.getElementById(ctrlName + '_d');

    if (row == null) row = parent.document.getElementById(ctrlName + '_d');


    if (row != null) {

        if (value == true) {

   = '';

        } else {

   = 'none';




Still, this may be an excellent time to review some of that unsupported legacy JavaScript you have lying around to see if it can be replaced with something more appropriate. You never know how long that legacy form rendering checkbox will be around or if this workaround will still be available after the next release!

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This is what we need - an insight to make evnoyree think

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Thank you, it helped:)

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