Because I Said I Would. A Promise Made by Senior Client Representative, Peter Fargo.

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This year I made a different kind of New Year’s resolution: a professional promise to my colleagues in sales & marketing.

I have made enough resolutions on Dec. 31 only to conveniently forget them months later. The past couple years I resolved (with my wife) to “quit sweets.” Both years, we completely fell apart after Thanksgiving.

What’s the big deal?

"It’s everything," Alex Sheen would say. He has dedicated his life to keeping promises and helping others to keep theirs. You see, Alex’s father “Al” passed away in 2012 at the age of 55. He was a man of integrity; Al always paid his bills and always showed up when he said he would be there. He didn’t understand people who acted differently. His values were simple: we are the promises we keep.

In memory of his dad, Alex created a social movement and nonprofit organization called “Because I said I would.” He invited all of his family & friends who were offering their sympathies to do something in Al’s honor—take a little promise in your life and keep it. This simple gesture has blossomed into a bona fide international movement. Alex is now working full time as the chief promise-keeper at “Because I said I would.” Check them out!

Inspired by Al and Alex, I'm upgrading my New Year's resolution to "promise" status. At my company, TopLine Strategies, our leaders have been successful for decades because they have kept promises to clients and to each other. I have benefited from that good karma and think it's time to venture a professional promise of my own.

Here is a snapshot of my 2014 promise:

  • Who: To my sales & marketing team
  • What:  I promise to dedicate time to connect with prospective clients
  • When: By setting aside five hours/day for client communications
  • Why: To help our team grow our Colorado clientele and reach our 2014 goals
  • How: I have written this promise down in specifics, shared it with my colleagues and requested their feedback. I scheduled recurring events in my weekly calendar and I will provide a weekly progress report at each Monday morning meeting.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  It is worthy of a promise?


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