Artificial Intelligence: Trending into 2019

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Artificial Intelligence: Trending into 2019

The customer experience and employee productivity have become more of a focal point than ever before. With technology evolving constantly, additional opportunities are becoming available to deliver more and better to customers and employees. Playing a major role in the growing phenomenon is the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI). 

While AI still feels a bit futuristic at times, it has been a major driver in the growing numbers of big data projects. Companies worldwide are jumping onto the trend to deliver a better experience to their clients and employees; it is no longer a shiny new toy, but rather a commodity for a successful, growing business. It is allowing greater cohesion in processes and productivity across the board. 2019 is set to be when plans are put in place and AI technologies are adopted throughout enterprises. Now is not the time to fall behind the ball.

As your company introduces AI into its arsenal of tools, consider these opportunities for enhancing your internal productivity and customer experience:

  • Cybersecurity: Yet another key concern and focus for businesses today as cybercriminals are actively targeting through software-as-a-service (SaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud infrastructures. Yesterday’s security tools will no longer be enough. AI will help companies further prevent and defend against cyber attacks and hackers. AI tools are assisting companies to, in real time, detect threats before spreading and becoming uncontrollable. 
  • Speech and Image Recognition: Adding to the business productivity and customer experience is recognition opportunities, like Amazon’s Alexa as a growing fad. In 2019, more companies will adopt recognition technology to make day-to-day work and data capture easy. With recognition, any verifications or monotonous processes will be a breeze, allowing companies and customers to focus on more important parts of the business cycle.
  • Virtual Agents: While chatbots have been a staple for eCommerce businesses for some time now, AI-powered customer service has given new power to virtual agents. Chatbots are no longer simply mindless, monotonous robots, but have a face, personality, and a voice that match your brand and its values. It is much more successful in engaging with your customers to ensure a strong customer experience.
  • New Employment Skillsets: With so many companies wanting to incorporate AI tools and technology into their arsenals, strong technologically-savvy talent is needed. This opens the doors to investing in their current talent to move their company forward through continued education and training or to seek strong, competitive talent who is already skilled in the field–in what is becoming an incredibly competitive pipeline. Either way, this will encourage enhanced benefits and more stock put into talent to keep them invested in their roles with the company.
  • AI and Big Data – A Perfect Pair: Big data has been a continued trend in businesses across all industries to further their success and understanding of their customers and industries. However, as data analytics gain popularity, companies are finding they can’t keep up with the data as it rolls in. In walks AI… AI will be the solution to assisting companies in managing and analyzing their data quickly, easily scaling the data to discover findings to push the business and its successes forward. This will likely be the biggest trend moving forward in AI – as it moves outside the box to enable companies to utilize their data to best improve practice, serving both employees and customer alike for the best overall experience.

AI is on track to be the most major game changer for businesses since cloud technology. Aiding both employees to be the most productive, goal-oriented, data-driven members of their teams, in addition to driving companies to further invest in their talent, and customers to have the greatest support throughout the entire sales cycle, AI will change business as we know it. The biggest question is will your company jump on the newest trend or be running to catch up.

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