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The Open Source Roadmap

In 2018, the React Native team focused on large scale re-architecture of React Native. They are planning to better support the thriving population of React Native users and collaborators. It's  time to share details about what has been worked on.

The vision for React Native is:

Dynamics 365 vs On-Prem: Pricing Considerations

Dynamics 365 vs On-Prem: Pricing Considerations

When choosing the solution of choice for Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), two options emerge as optimal solutions: on-premise and cloud. Recently, companies have found benefit in both options:

Angular vs. React In-Depth Comparison

Angular or React?

Each framework has much to offer and the decision between them isn't simple. Whether you’re a newcomer, a freelancer deciding on a framework for your next project, or an enterprise-grade architect planning a strategic vision for your company, a comparison is definitely helpful. This article won’t give a clear answer on which framework is better, but it will assist in comparing the two frameworks so your team can make the educated guess for your next use case.

React v16.8: The One With Hooks

What Are Hooks?

Hooks let you use state and other React features without writing a class. You can also build your own Hooks to share reusable stateful logic between components.

If you have yet to hear about Hooks, you might find these resources interesting:

React Native Open Source: March 2019 Update

TheReact Native Open Source roadmap was announced in Q4 2018 after they decided to invest more in the React Native open source community.

For the first milestone, they focused on identifying and improving the most visible aspects of the community. The goals were to reduce outstanding pull requests, reduce the project's surface area, identify leading user problems, and establish guidelines for community management.

In the past two months, they made more progress than  expected. Read on for more details:


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