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The Case for Customer Service Technology Investment

The Case for Customer Service Technology Investment

As companies are solidifying their goals and budgets for 2016, a major topic of discussion will be investing in customer service. Customer service is no longer just a call center, but now encompasses the full post-purchase customer experience and support. In order to keep up with industry developments and continue to stand out from competitors, companies need to expand their offerings in customer service technology. Gartner estimates that, by 2017, over 50 percent of technical development investments will be in customer service innovations.

Data's Seven Deadly Sins

Data's Seven Deadly Sins

The sales and marketing data available can be overwhelming yet very powerful. But it's also useless if you don't know how to use it. Here is a list of the seven most common data use mistakes found in marketing operations:

Custom Entity Icons in Dynamics CRM

Recently, I had been making some seemingly simple adjustments to a CRM environment and ended up uncovering a lot of useful (but not very well-documented) information on icon usage in MSCRM - here is how it all played out.

Users are mentioning that the icons for custom entities in CRM for Outlook all look the same, and don't reflect what they see in the Web UI. Here is what they see:

CRM 2016 E-mails: Defaulting the “To” Field to a Specific Entity

Ever since CRM form rendering has been changed, a lot of unsupported-but-working JavaScript has been rendered useless and alternatives haven’t necessarily been readily available. One example of this would be the method used in CRM 2011/2013 to default the selected entity when the lookup window is opened for a PartyList control, such as the “To” field on the E-mail form.

WebForm Chaining in ADX Studio

WebForms in ADX studio provide a powerful tool to create and manipulate an entity record on the portal in multiple steps. We can choose to stick to the out of the box step types that perform standard operations, such as displaying CRM forms, redirects or conditional branching. We can also wire in steps that execute custom user controls that we added to our ADX .NET solution. All of those tools give us a wide set of options to model interconnected processes within one single WebForm.

Simple Databinding with RivetsJS

I’ve used KnockoutJS and AngularJS for different projects, but for a store locator application I was working on, all I needed was basic data binding and I didn’t want to change my client-side model. That led me to RivetsJS, a small lightweight data binding and templating solution that works with your existing model.