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What's the Most Revealing Interview Question You Should Ask?

When you are interviewing for your next hire, you may be ready to ask the standard questions, but what is the most revealing interview question you should ask? "Tell me about your friends." I am sure you can find an exception or two, but for the most part, good people hang out with good people. High performers usually associate with high performers. Whether it is at work or outside of work, high achievers tend to stick together. The same is usually true for people who do minimum work, gossip and complain.

Embrace Agile: Take the Challenge

I really enjoyed reading this post “The Agile Household: How Scrum Made Us a Better Family”.

It shows how Agile can be used outside of software development, it made me ask myself how can I utilize agile in daily routines. I found it very enlightening to read that the entire family immersed themselves into the agile project and appeared to be delighted with the outcome.

Microsoft offers free help for new Office 365 rollouts

New Office 365 customers who buy at least 150 seats of the online apps suite will get deployment help from Microsoft at no additional charge. Microsoft says that they will ensure that the Office 365 service is provisioned and ready for use in your organization. The services will be provided in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Properties vs. AllProperties

There is a great article that I recently found about Properties vs. AllProperties. It describes the way that AllProperties is meant to replace Properties, but Properties was left in place for backwards compatibility. The unconventional PropertyBag data type stores its keys in all lowercase, thus not supporting case-sensitive keys, while the conventional Hashtable does support case-sensitive keys. On top of that, while entries added to Properties get propagated to AllProperties with a lowercase key, entries added to AllProperties do not get propagated to Properties.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring '14 Overview

This high-level video overview of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing by Tony Schmidt shows marketers how to manage all their marketing in one place, from developing marketing plans and budgets to managing projects and assets to supporting effective marketing communications across traditional and digital channels.

Watch the video below to learn more.

It's an IT Employee's Market

You’ve probably heard the real estate terminology “it’s a buyer’s marketing” or “it’s a seller’s market.” These phrases allow you to figure out if you should buy or sell property based on factors affecting the real estate market such as lending interest rates, size of the market, supply and demand, the ability to qualify for a mortgage, etc. Just as in real estate, in the business world there are similar factors that influence the equation when determining if it’s an employer or employee market.

Need to import complex data into CRM 2013? It may be easier than you think!

Need to import complex data into CRM 2013? It may be easier than you think!

While CRM 2013′s Import Wizard can provide a quick-and-dirty way to get data into the system, there’s a limit to what you can do and how much you can control how the wizard responds to missing data. Sometimes you just happen to have a huge table of historical data that you need in CRM, which may or may not be referencing records that already exist in the system, but will definitely need to be referencing something once they’re imported.

Cloud BI: Going Where the Data Lives

More than ever, cloud adoption has become a recent trend for companies as they are generating and storing more data in the cloud.

Joao Tapadinhas, a Gartner analyst said, "As more data sources move to the cloud, it makes more sense to also adopt cloud BI solutions because that's where the data is. It's easier to connect to cloud data using a cloud solution."

Are You Overpaying New Recruits?

Deciding what to pay a new hire is one of the hardest parts of the recruiting process. Generally hiring managers will start by asking what the candidate is currently earning then add 10-30% based on what they feel is reasonable.

Someone may be getting overpaid or underpaid, thus they should not be entitled to only earning a certain amount on top of that.

The following list will help guide your decision on what to pay new recruits: