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Turnover rates are high at Tech companies

PayScale recently secured data from Fortune 500 companies to see which companies have the highest turnover rates. Results indicate that IT firms experience the highest levels of turnover amongst the industries surveyed.  Some of the most prominent firms at the top of the list are Amazon, Google and Mosaic with median employee tenure hovering around 1 year.  

Knockout.js ObservableArray Performance

I was recently involved with a project where the goal was to allow a user to input data for members on a row-by-row basis. It would include a grid that would start with a single row, but the user could specify a number of extra rows to add at any time.

7 ways to become more visible to recruiters

An article recently written on highlights ways in which a candidate looking for employment can make themselves more visible to recruiters with job opportunities. Here is a list of 7 key actions that a candidate can take when searching for employment:

What will CRM look like in 2015?

An article written by Jamie Grenney for discussed the potential path that CRM should take by 2015 to meet the needs of next generation CRM users.

Top 10 Hottest Enterprise Apps of 2013

Many people have associated apps created for mobile devices and tablets with solving the entertainment needs of consumers ie- gaming, social media usage etc. But as the app marketplace grows, organizations around the world have begun to create business oriented platforms that have proven to significantly increase business efficiency. With this in mind, Salesforce compiled a list of their top 10 hottest enterprise mobile apps for 2013. Here is that list with a brief description of their functionality and links to their websites if you would like to learn more.

One new way to weed out job applicants

The attached video below describes a hiring strategy used by executives at Backup My Info!, a managed service provider specializing in online data backup and recovery. All new applicants that submit resumes with the company are asked to submit a joke with their application. This humorous tactic seems off the wall, but actually goes a long way in helping the team identify candidates that they should move forward with....or reject. Let us know your thoughts on this hiring tactic.

Why Your Social CRM is Failing

An article recently written by Maria Minsker of, discussed the major reasons that organizations social CRM strategies fail. According to her piece, many fail for predictable and avoidable reasons. Organizations must do a better job of communicating their social media goals with all employees and train them on how to use the associated technologies.