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Windows Server 2012 R2 and Storage Management

Microsoft recently provided a glimpse into its next generation Windows Server at this month’s TechEd Conference. The previous release, WS 2012, was full of new features and Microsoft seems to be continuing this trend of innovation with WS 2012 R2 that promises further enhancements to storage management.

Do you know the cost of a bad hire?

Losing employees is always difficult but are you aware of the financial implications? This info-graphic does a great job of explaining the cost of a bad hire and how detrimental it can be for a company. According to this data outlined by Resoomay, the cost of a bad hire can be in the hundreds of thousand of dollars.  

IT Departments won't exist in 5 years

A recent article written on highlights the growing belief that the consumerization of IT and self-service trends will lead to a large restructuring of today’s IT shop in five years.  

The article argues that in today’s business environments, consumer technology is becoming a part of everyone’s workplace. The belief is that companies in the future will have to ensure that they are matching their enabling technology to the demographic of that time.

Retrieving Random Rows From a Database Table

Occasionally, I've needed to retrieve a random number of records from a database table for testing and found that the NEWID() function in SQL Server works well. By using the NEWID() function in the ORDER BY clause and setting a TOP xx value, a random number of records can be returned from a table. There are similar approaches for each of the major databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc). The example below is using T-SQL and works for both SQL Server and Sybase.

How the Yankees used Gamification for Dynamics CRM user adoption

When the Yankees deployed Dynamics CRM in 2011, they knew their biggest hurdle was going to be user adoption. Implementation of a CRM is often the easiest part within any organization, the real art lies in convincing your employees to utilize the system consistently. Microsoft notes that 42% of CRM project fail due to a user adoption problems.