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Are you paying your employees too much? featured an article recently that highlighted some important reasons why you do not want to overpay your employees.  Besides the obvious facts that the more you pay an employee, the less money you have to allocate elsewhere within the firm, there are some major problems with getting the compensation level wrong. Some examples that they highlight:

Historical Page Navigation in Spotfire

In Spotfire you have three methods of page navigation: Titled Tabs, Step-by-Step, and History Arrows. By editing your web.config file you are also able to remove page navigation entirely, this can provide a clean look but does require that you guide the users through your dashboard in another way. Generally buttons or links are used, and given an action to navigate to a particular page.

Six ways to attract top talent

As the economy shows steady signs of improvement, workers are beginning to test the waters for new opportunities and as a result, the competition for positions is becoming stiffer. With this in mind it becomes imperative that you do what it takes to attract and convince top talent that your company is the right choice for them. A recent article written by Paul Schoemaker on identifies 6 important ways you can be sure to attract top talent as you look to fill your important internal positions.

Reorder data in a SQL Table

Recently a friend asked whether I had any T-SQL code that would reorder data in a given table, such as the table in Listing 1 below. The table controls the order that certain reports are printed.