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When is the best time to send email campaigns? You may be surprised...

A recent infographic by Experian Marketing outlined some interesting data regarding email marketing and the best time of week/day to send campaigns.  Here is some of the key pieces of data collected:

- People respond more to marketers' emails on the weekend, when volume was lower. Transaction rates (response rates) throughout the week remain steady around 12% but jump to 16% on Saturdays. Unique opens also jump a full percentage point on Saturday.

- 40% of email volume is sent between 8am and 12pm. Highest transaction (response rates) occur between 8pm and 12am (34%).

QlikView Set Analysis vs. Load Script

On a recent project I was working on a project with a rather large formula that was using set analysis. During the initial development of the dashboard the number of records was small and the set analysis didn't impact performance. When the requirements of the report changed, however, the amount of data grew considerably. Because of the increased number of records performance was suffering.

Microsoft Convergence 2013

The TopLine Strategies Team is currently taking part in the 2013 Microsoft Convergence located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference is Microsoft’s largest to date at over 11,000 attendees and opened to Microsoft Business Solutions President, Kirill Tatarinov and featured presentations by executives from Microsoft Dynamics customers: Chobani Inc., Habitat for Humanity International, Revlon Inc., Shock Doctor Inc. and Weight Watchers International. These customers highlighted how they use Microsoft Dynamics on a daily basis to help further the growth of their business.

What influences us to say yes?

Created by Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology from Arizona State University, this video discusses the science behind human behavior and the 6 tactics that any individual or business can utilize to increase persuasion towards your desired outcome. While many hope that consumers rely on all the available and necessary information to guide decisions, in reality Dr. Cialdini's science indicates that there are 6 universal shortcuts that we as consumers often default to that flies in the face of conventional and rational decision making.

CRM 2011: Deleting Items from a Managed Solution

The ability to import and export CRM 2011 solutions is an extremely handy way to migrate additions and modifications between environments, so it's sometimes easy to forget that not all changes are carried over with a solution. It seems natural that if an admin were to delete a field in environment A, that the exported solution would also delete that field in environment B upon import.