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Mobility viewed as a key revenue generator

In a survey conducted by consulting firm Accenture, 413 global CIO’s were asked about their mobile plans in 2013. The results indicated a focused attention on mobile platform growth as a key to revenue generation in the coming months and years.  79% of respondents indicated that they viewed mobility as a revenue generator and would allocate roughly 30-40% of their discretionary budgets on mobile development this year. This information indicates that CIO's across the world are keenly aware of the importance of mobile devices to the growth of their business.

Compensation Market Pricing Analysis: Preferred Types of Data and Tools

Culpepper recently conducted a survey in which it asked organizations the methods by which they collect and analyze compensation data. Compensation Data is vital for all organizations to utilize to stay abreast of pay rates for individual job categories within their industry. Knowing the going rates for individual job positions is vital when it comes time to hire and retain top talent. According to their Compensation Market Pricing Practices Survey there are some interesting trends when it comes to collecting this information: Key Findings and Trends

Don't focus on the purple squirrel

An article written in the New York Times discusses the common hiring trends of firms and their narrow-minded focus on attracting the “purple squirrel”. The purple squirrel is a term used to coin the perfect candidate who happens to fit all your job requirements; compensation plan and lives in close proximity to your office. All the stars aligned, and the perfect candidate came knocking at your door. To the HR and Recruiting Professionals, the purple squirrel is the holy grail of job seekers.

But there are flaws to this type of recruiting process:

Enabling/Using Package Configurations (SSIS)

If you can accomplish all of your tasks with one SSIS package, I'm happy for you - but sometimes more than one is necessary. If you ever find yourself with multiple packages with similar properties (variables, connection managers, executables, etc.) it may be in your best interest to use a Package Configuration. This will save you some time down the road if you decide to create another package, or update properties of the existing ones.

Calculate Age in JavaScript or C#

A simple method to calculate age in years in both JavaScript and C# that avoids rounding up.  Additional info on the number of days in a year can be found here. JavaScript [javascript] function CalculateAge( birthDate ) { var msPerDay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24; var daysPerYear = 365.242199; var age = ( new Date() - new Date(birthDate) ) / msPerDay / daysPerYear; return age; } [/javascript] C# [csharp] public static double CalculateAge(DateTime bi

What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

As data centers continue to grow in complexity and frequency of use, organizations have to begin to prepare more robust disaster recovery plans. Many administrators are turning to a cloud and virtualization solution to create a more agile environment. Having a well-laid out disaster recovery plan can save time, management overhead and all-important costs associated with extended periods of outages. The following list of disaster recovery solutions was created by Bill Kleyman, cloud and virtualization architect at MTM Technologies: