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One in three mission critical apps currently in the cloud

SailPoint, conducted its Market Pulse Survey for 2012 and provided some interesting insight to cloud based technologies and opinions amongst IT executives. Here are some of the highlights:

Respondents to the survey believe 1 in 3 mission critical apps (focused on storage, file-sharing and communications) is currently hosted in the cloud. They also indicated they expect this number to rise to 1 in 2 mission critical apps being cloud based in the next three years.

CRM 2011 Plug-ins 101: Be Careful Where You Put That Service!

When I first started playing around with CRM 2011 plug-ins, I pretty much dove in headfirst to see what I could do. Sure, I browsed the SDK and modeled my code after the examples, but I ended up running into a nasty issue with one of my embellishments. What I thought was an innocuous method of handling the IOrganizationService proved to be problematic, considering how CRM 2011 plug-ins function.

Viewing Formatted JSON Data

We've got an old C# web application used for time tracking and I wanted to see how difficult it would be to convert the main entry screen from ASP.NET to just HTML5 and CSS using Knockout to handle the data binding. To that end, I am also leveraging the new ASP.NET WebApi to return JSON data to the client.

Why you should never accept a counter offer

A recent article posted on highlights 7 important reasons why you should never accept a counter offer. The 7 main points are outlined below. Please review and feel free to share your opinions on why you agree or disagree with the author's conclusions.   

Top 7 Reasons to Never Accept a Counter Offer

Statistics – Six to nine months after accepting a counter-offer, 90% of candidates are no longer employed with the company that extended the offer (Martin Varnier Research).

Gartner’s Top 10 IT Trends: Hits and Misses

Courtesy of Information Weeks, Eric Lundquist, Gartner has outlined its Top 10 IT Trends at the annual Gartner Symposium that was held last month. Gartner analyst, David Cearley was the keynote speaker on this subject and provided some interesting insight on the topic. Item number 6 was an interesting discussion topic regarding “Strategic Big Data.” Big Data is a relatively new topic of discussion in 2012 and will prove to be an immense opportunity for forward thinking marketers in the near future.