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MS CRM 2011 Pre-Create Plugin Ownership Assignment Issue

While implementing MS CRM 2011 for a customer recently, we had a requirement to assign ownership of various records (lead, account, contact, opportunity and a custom entity called location) based on a set of data driven rules. We implemented a plugin that was set to run on the pre-create of these entities. We tested, the customer tested, everyone signed off, and we deployed to production. At first, everything worked fine, but after a few days we started seeing issues...

Multitasking, good or bad?

We have all heard that some people are better at multitasking then others. My question is; does multitasking help a person complete project tasks successfully in the total time allowed for those tasks? Besides having multiple tasks to complete, there are also phone calls, IMs, emails, meetings and other interruptions that are relatively constant throughout a Project Manager’s typical day.

Workers Consider Relocating in 2012

According to a recent article from CareerBuilder, 44% of workers who were polled say they would relocate in 2012 for the right opportunity. Voluntary turnover is on the rise and it looks like many of these people aren't opposed to trying something new and are willing to relocate.