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Back to the Basics - Critical Success Factors for Every Salesperson

As a member of a sales team, I'm constantly trying to understand what it takes to be successful and put the client first.  This article highlights the foundation of what every salesperson should value during the sales cycle.  We as salespeople must understand that we are all still human and understanding the basic psychology of why we do, what we do can go a long way in becoming a successful salesperson.

CWR Mobility Launches New Version of CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Now Supports Android and Windows 7.5

Fresh off the Twitter pages, CWR Mobility announced that they have launched CWR Mobile CRM 2011 Version 5.1.  CWR Mobility is the leading provider of mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This award-wining software has now added support for Android smartphones and Windows 7.5 devices adding to their already successful track record with the iPhone and iPad.  A number of enhance

Detecting IE Compatibility View (C#)

Recently I was working on a project that required me to force the user into IE8 document mode, but ONLY if they were using IE9 compatibility view (CV). If you are unfamiliar with the method of forcing a particular document mode, you can read more about it in this MSDN article. It looks a little bit like this:

An 8 Step Program for Recovering Micromanagers Like Me

Getting peak performance from a great project team is no mean feat. What can make the challenge particularly intense is a senior and seasoned team, combined with a complex project that requires large amounts of interaction and communication to coordinate effectively. For those PM's highly skilled in the art of ruthless task management and no holds barred follow-up, it is not hard to let diligent and very necessary pursuit of closure outcomes slip into annoying and counterproductive micromanagement.

Creating UDF using SQLCLR on MS SQL

Let’s begin this post by defining SQLCLR (SQL Common Language Runtime), SQLCLR refers to the use of CLR execution within the SQL Server database Engine. CLR is also often referred to as the “ .Net Framework”, “.NET”, or by the name of the programming language that might be used, such as "C#" or "VB.Net". The SQLCLR allows managed code to be hosted by, and run in, the Microsoft SQL Server environment. With SQLCLR you can create Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, table-value UDF, triggers, user-defined types and user-defined aggregates.

CRM 2011: Error when Deleting an Audited Entity with a Plug-in

Normally, auditing in CRM 2011 doesn't cause any issues. A user can easily delete an audited entity manually, via OData, or a .NET plug-in. However, I've recently run into an issue when attempting to delete during the SetStateDynamicEntity step for the Quote. The requirement was to delete a set of associated Assets on a closed Quote during the "Activate Quote" process for the revised copy of the closed Quote.