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CRM 2011: Dynamically Filter a Lookup Based on Multiple Joins

There are times when you would like to filter a Lookup based on the selected value of another Lookup, but those entities do not have a direct relationship to each other. For instance, I had a situation where there was a Work Item Tracking entity that had Lookup fields for both a Project and Work Item Type entity. Based on what the user selected for the Project and the Work Item Type's "Default" value, the Work Item Type Lookup needed to be filtered.

Some really poor password choices...

For better or worse, passwords are the basis of much of the security we use in the cloud.

SplashData put out there “worst password of 2011” report, based on a blind review of their database of common passwords.  If you use any of these on any accounts you wish to protect, clearly a good idea to think about changing them soon.