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Disable copy and paste with jQuery

Occasionally the need arise to prevent users from copying text from one field and pasting it in another on a Web form. Especially when dealing with confirmation fields such as passwords and email addresses where you want the user to retype the value previously entered to prevent typos. Using jQuery it's more intuitive and becomes a trival task with the bind event, which attaches one or more events to a given handler.

Check this box if you think you are exempt...

Building software is hard! There are minefields everywhere...and if you don’t get the basics right the project is going to explode. Everyone hide in the bunkers right now, because when I say ‘the basics’, the basic that is the topic of the day is TESTING. Just because the letters QA are nowhere to be seen in your job description you are not exempt from the responsibility/accountability.

Microsoft CRM 2011: Immediately Open a Record That Was Updated Using oData

This is a quick modification to the article we posted a while ago. In the event that you would prefer to just pop up a record that you've updated or created using oData instead of making your user find it on their own, you can use the AJAX "success" attribute to execute whatever code you want when the update/create is complete.