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Small Businesses is Target For Hackers

A growing number of cyberattacks are targeting small businesses, from construction companies to local grocery stores, presenting an emerging threat that government officials are trying to combat.

Gerry Smith the digital affairs reporter for HuffPo wrote a nice piece on a new FCC tool out there to assist smaller business with security audits.  Here is a small piece of it:

Let's Get Social - Announcement from Microsoft

Microsoft announced a new update on October 25, 2011 in a press release that will allow for social capabilities. Social CRM seems to be the hot buzz word in the marketplace as organizations are now trying to tap into integrating CRM with social technologies.  GM of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group was quoted in saying, " Across Microsoft, we deliver social capabilities that help customers and businesses build more productive relationships.  By bringing

Successful Projects through Agile Project Management

Agile movement the "brain child" of the development world? 

by Nancy Nee.

Both traditional and agile project delivery embody similar principles and practices that aim to deliver measurable results. Traditional project delivery can be described as a “waterfall” approach, which presumes that the requirements, expectations, duration, activities and outcomes of projects can be predicted accurately and planned in a sequence before any actual development activity takes place.

C# Regex Multiple Replacements

As I was testing the XML request for web service, I would periodically get a response back: [400]: Error parsing xml. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the error was caused by a few of the Predefined XML Entities included in the actual data. The most common issue was the ampersand “&” being embedded in the Address and Account data.