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WCF, Entity Framework and N-Tier Solutions - Part 1

Because of a new project at work, I have recently had the opportunity to do my first real WCF based project. It has been a great deal of fun and a learning experience as well. While doing the project of course, I have been doing a great deal of reading and web research. Over the course of the project, two main issues have come up. 1. How do I use WCF with the Entity Framework (Referred to hereafter as EF) 2. How do I use WCF in an n-tier project So, with the caveat that I still have a lot to learn, so far here is what I have found on the subject.

Debugging MS CRM 2011 Issue

I encountered an issue while attempting to use the JavaScript "debugger;" statement within a MS CRM 2011 script. If I have JavaScript that executes on the onChange event of a drop down, it seems to freeze my system and I never break into Visual Studio for debugging. The only way I've found to recover is to Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select "Log Off". I usually get lucky and Windows brings up the screen telling me something is holding it up from logging off and I can select "Cancel" and get my system back.