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Customizing and Developing for MS CRM 2011

MS CRM 2011 has been officially released. I finally had some time to spend looking at it last week and I really, really like what I see from a customization and development perspective. Some of the pain has been taken out of customizing MS CRM. But, as with any new version of software, good documentation is hard to find.

Windows Phone 7 (Part 1)

Over the last couple of years, most of the members of my extended family have been sporting iPhones and singing praises to Apple in the streets.  I, on the other hand, a loyal T-Mobile subscriber, did not have the option of getting one.  Also, to be honest, I'm not really an Apple fan to begin with even though I quite like my iPod.  So, I have had an Android phone.  In spite of my belief that Google has a nefarious plan to take over the world, I have loved the phone, the Android OS and all of the applications that I was able to download.

From The Cloud to On-Premise: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Is On the Market

Straight from the release party in Redmond, Washington! Today, Microsoft announced its newest CRM tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, is now available for on-premise and partner-hosted deployments. This launch accompanies the earlier release of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online in January. It’s now available worldwide and can be downloaded through the Microsoft Download Center.

Retrieve the Primary Key column for a SQL Server table

During a recent project I was dynamically scripting data from related database tables and needed to know the primary key column from a parent table to use with the child tables. I normally use the Information_Schema Views (ISV) for most metadata related queries, but there are always several ways to achieve the same results and I wanted to see if another approach might be easier. I tried the following options and ended up using the ISV solution, it was the simplest and the often the best standard approach.