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Mind Map for Cloud Computing

As part of his blog and his book, Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud, George Reese, author and founder of Valtira and enStratus , put together a very cool mind map for cloud computing. See the map below, see his blog about it here.

SeaMicro Uses Intel Atom Chip in Server Architecture

Startup SeaMicro is unveiling its SM10000 server, which takes advantage of the small and highly energy-efficient Intel Atom processors and its own I/O virtualization technology to create a computing architecture that is highly scalable and drives down server power and space costs by as much as 75 percent over traditional systems. The SeaMicro server is aimed at Internet companies and HPC organizations.

Sales Enablement: User Acceptance Means More Sales

The difference between a CRM failure and a CRM implementation that delivers a high return on investment -- often comes down to user acceptance. If users don't enthusiastically embrace CRM, then the initiative may not only fall short of the ROI objective, the entire CRM initiative will surely be at risk. Sales users only embrace a CRM initiative if the toolset delivers to their self-interest -- optimizing the productive interaction between the salesperson and the customer/prospect.