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Disaster-Proof Virtualization on a Dime with VM/VMI

Kevin Fogarty did a cool piece on budget-driven disaster recovery for a small firm in South Carolina.  There's a lot of stuff I like in the piece, including how these guys did it with a MS-CRM application running on top of a solid Linux HA system.  But one quote that jumped out in particular was from Bob O'Donnell, on how to make

I Like Ike

I Like Ike

Web App Security and the Heartland Breach

I’m constantly reminded of the complexities faced by Information Security professionals, and the cost an organization can pay when basic security principles are neglected or missed.  Take this article from CSO on the Heartland breach as an example.

LINQ to SQL Connection Strings

Like many developers, after reading several articles on the wonders of LINQ to SQL, I decided to incorporate it into the next project I did.  During the development phase, everything went very well.  I separated each layer of my solution into its own project and when it came time to define my business objects, I created a new .dbml file, opened a connection to my database and dragged the tables I wanted to use onto the designer screen as seen below.