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The Evolution of the PM (or, Confessions of a Process Junkie)

Project management is a wonderful thing for those of us of the left-brain persuasion.  As project managers, from the time we take our first halting steps as professionals we are trained in the comforting art of the process, the framework, the methodology .  We are exposed to countless graphics depicting general concepts that we are to put into practice in the “real world”.  And we charge at it, bending every situation to our will, pulling gratification from running every initiative with a deliverable through our Seussian Star-Bellied Sneetches machine of Assess, Plan, Design, Test, Implemen

Google releases a early but hot FOSS windowing client

So along comes this obscure piece of news from Google. It involves the release into the wild by them of an open source software called NeatX, which is able to bridge the classic divide between bit mapped to stop and application virtualization solutions all of the VNC and the extremely powerful X-Windows system, which as is has terrible network latency problems, even though it can host eye candy with the best of them.

Microsoft: Now with million customers for Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has passed the one million mark in the CRM marketplace. This news was delivered at the 2009 partners conference in New Orleans earlier this month. And this was not the only news Microsoft was breaking down in Louisiana.

Preparing for your next great sales call

We are excited. We’ve just opened a new revenue opportunity in a tough economy. We’ve qualified the opportunity and from what we’ve learned this is a real deal, one worth spending some our most valuable resource on, our time.  During the discovery and qualification phone calls we managed to establish a level of rapport.  A certain amount of “bonding” has been achieved. While we and this new prospect have not become good friends, there has developed between us the beginning stages of a professional relationship. Our next step is that all important first face to face meeting.

Find Items In A Generic List

Ken Getz wrote a good article titled Predicates and Actions about the advantage of the new generic features in .NET 2.0 Framework.  One issue I ran into using predicates was passing an argument to use as the filter.  For example, in the callback method Match() below, the predicate searches the states generic list for those that start with “C”, but the string to search for is hardcoded because the predicate signature only allows for one argument that is of the same type as the items in the generic list.