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eTelemetry: Stay ahead of the virtualization-fueled bandwidth growth curve

eTelemetry Helps Manage Virtualization, VoIP User Location for E911


Rich Tehran.

As the networking landscape gets more complex through the addition of remote computing, WiFi, cloud computing and virtualization, it is becoming more of a challenge to determine who is using what services and how much aggregate bandwidth they are consuming. Moreover as the need for ever-more bandwidth shows no sign of slowing, companies need to ensure they have an adequate way of charging departments for their bandwidth usage...

How early cloud VC's now are thinking about IT sales process

"...Several VCs participated in a panel to discuss the impact cloud computing is having on their investment strategies. The key message: they are looking at investments very differently, with an eye toward companies that can provide a service that starts small within an organization and then grow as more people use it or additional functionality is used.