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Application Development

Unknown Project Type GUID

I received an error opening a CRM project in visual studio: “Unknown project type GUID 4C25E9B5-9FA6-436c-8E19-B395D2A65FAF.” That GUID is related to a MS CRM developer toolkit. It’s not supported on MS CRM 2013, MS CRM 2015 or MS CRM 2016, so what do you do?

Dynamics CRM - Managing Async Process Memory Usage

Recently, in Dynamics CRM, we were coming across some issues with the processing of async services (specifically plugins). The environment was pretty robust, but we had a lot of processes going on, and we would frequently see the async services max out what memory we had available on the server, which required a restart of the services (not ideal).

Multiple QlikView Select in Field String Values

I have a list box in QlikView that has an order status field. It had three values: Open, Posted and Deleted. I had a situation in QlikView where when the document opens I wanted to select Open and Posted, but not Deleted. Someone suggested that I use Open|Posted in the search string. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I searched and searched and found plenty of different ways suggesting to do it and none worked except for using a macro. I didn’t want to use a macro and I knew there had to be a way.

Display JS Modal in Dynamics CRM

Sometimes in CRM we have times when we need to complete an action without allowing the user to change any fields. There are many ways to go about doing this, but one of the easiest is to display a modal over the form. It prevents the user from clicking on and changing any fields, while also providing a helpful message to the user, letting them know that there is an action in progress.