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LINQ to SQL Connection Strings

Like many developers, after reading several articles on the wonders of LINQ to SQL, I decided to incorporate it into the next project I did.  During the development phase, everything went very well.  I separated each layer of my solution into its own project and when it came time to define my business objects, I created a new .dbml file, opened a connection to my database and dragged the tables I wanted to use onto the designer screen as seen below.

Microsoft: Now with million customers for Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has passed the one million mark in the CRM marketplace. This news was delivered at the 2009 partners conference in New Orleans earlier this month. And this was not the only news Microsoft was breaking down in Louisiana.

Find Items In A Generic List

Ken Getz wrote a good article titled Predicates and Actions about the advantage of the new generic features in .NET 2.0 Framework.  One issue I ran into using predicates was passing an argument to use as the filter.  For example, in the callback method Match() below, the predicate searches the states generic list for those that start with “C”, but the string to search for is hardcoded because the predicate signature only allows for one argument that is of the same type as the items in the generic list.

New Term Trial Ballon: A "CSP" like an "ISP", where CSP = Computecycles Service Provider

A special kind of cloud and cloud-related provider, operates like an ISP in the he/she must be near enough to its clients to he/she can get a least 10 MBit Ethernet speed (glass to the doorstep).  But then, all he/she offers is virtual servers and the like, so that nearby companies can totally outsource everything in their environment except a router and some thin clients, if that all they need.  They can get Windows, exchange Linux, SQL server, cloud stuff, data storage, they can event rent the MS apps like word from the CSP, and avoid the licensing noise with MS. Backup = solved.

Current ASPX Page Name

Get the name of the current ASP.NET page.

string path = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsolutePath; string name = System.IO.Path.GetFileName( path );

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Handling Multiple Events With A Delegate

In a recent multi-tab VB.NET Web application, the values from a 3 controls on a tab (tab A) were used as filters for a dropdownlist on a subsequent tab (tab B).  If the controls on tab A were changed, the dropdownlist on tab B would be reloaded based on the changed value(s). 


Occasionally there's a need to construct a new connection string from user input instead of using a predefined one from the Web.Config file.  Using the SqlConnectionStringBuilder class, a new connection string can be constructed easily without resorting to string concatenations. private string BuildConnectionString() {     SqlConn