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Application Development

A Perfect Cloud App: Multi-tenant Enrollment Systems

A natural fit application for then cloud is multi- tenant enrollment systems, with complex channels involving multiple third party entitles.  One that my company has done lots with in this space that we are roadmapping into Azure we called “EEMS” (Enterprise Enrollment Management Systems).   Check out this pretty cool summary of what it is all about.

TryParse Tutorial

TryParse is something that has been around for a while in both VB and C#, but that isn't used as often as it could be. I have noticed that developers coming from the VB world are often bent out of shape when moving to C# because the ol' standby "IsDate" or "IsNumeric" methods are not available. At the same time, C# programmers, trying to assert their natural superiority complexes, will respond that only wimps and schlemiels would use such silly crutches in their code.

Random Error Message: “$lineinfo' is undefined

I encountered this error message in the process of separating the functionality from one .NET webpage into two. The first webform was using a master page, while the second one was not. My initial version of the second page was made by copying the original page and then stripping out the master page and other code that I did not need.

Once all my changes were done, I started getting this strange error on this very simple line of code: [javascript] var tabs = $("div[id*='divNameHere']"); [/javascript]

Determining the Opportunity Parent Customer Type

In MS CRM, I was creating a customization for a client where I needed to know (in JavaScript) the type of entity the that made up the potential customer of an opportunity (an account or contact).  After spelunking around the code in MS CRM, I saw this (from the function locAddActTo on the opportunity page): [javascript] if (iActivityType != Task) { var aoItems = crmForm.customerid.DataValue; if (aoItems != null) { var oItem = aoItems[0]; sPartyId =; sPartyType = oItem.type; sPartyName =;

"Waiting for Resources" Error in MS CRM Bulk Delete Job

I had an issue where a Bulk Delete job I had created was never executing and the status simply read "waiting for resources".  I checked the Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Process Service and it was not started.  When I started it, I received an error:

"The Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Processing Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped.  Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs."

Open-source support: Can it scale?

A way forward for open-source vendors that don't want to sell proprietary extensions in an open-core model. I suspect, however, that improved support operations will remain just one piece of the overall story. No matter how efficient one can make support, there are still far more efficient and profitable models out there.

How much time is needed to crack a password by brute-force?

How much time is needed to crack a password by brute-force? If the password cannot be guessed and is not found in a dictionary, the cracker has to try a brute-force attack. When brute-forcing, the time to crack the password depends on the amount of possible passwords that the cracker has to try. The amount of possible passwords increases with password length and with increasing diversity of characters being used (complexity). Let's take the scenario of a cracker trying 15 million passwords per second. This is currently the maximum speed being claimed by password cracker vendors.

Pinning Visual Studio Projects to the Taskbar in Windows 7

I love the ability to have recent files listed and various shortcuts for documents of an application pinned to a program’s taskbar icon in Windows 7.  I had shortcuts to Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 pinned to the taskbar, but unfortunately, when you right click the taskbar icons you don’t get access to the most recently used solutions and projects - you only get the most recently used files.  You can’t even manually pin solutions or projects to them.  There is, however, a workaround!

Waking A Computer From Sleep Mode Remotely

Has your computer ever gone into sleep mode and you can’t remote desktop to it?  There’s a way to wake it up by sending what’s called a “magic packet”.  Before the "how", here are some things to consider:

Creating Separate DLLs for App_Code Folders

Starting with ASP.NET 2.0, Web Site projects were introduced and allowed for the compilation of the code-behind file for each page and usercontrol into single page assemblies/DLLs (see Figure 1 below). This option works well for the individual pages and usercontrols, however, by default all classes in the App_Code directory are compiled into a single DLL, even if App_Code contains separate sub-directories. Figure 1.