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Salesforce Sales Cloud - salesforce to salesforce connection

What is Salesforce to Salesforce connection? It is a connections tab, which allow channel managers with your organization to share account, contact, leads and opportunity.

  • Manages connection
  • Manages connection templates (admin use template to share certain objects)
  • FREE to all any edition
  • Either side can deactivate connection anytime

Five steps to set up a Salesforce to Salesforce connection

Deactivating an Option Set Value in MS CRM

MS CRM has grown considerably from it's early days. Customizing and developing against the older versions certainly had it's share of pain and I really enjoy working with MS CRM 2011. For all the features they've added, though, there's one still missing that I'm surprised isn't baked into the product and that is the ability to retire an option set value.

Query MS CRM XML Entity with XQuery and LINQ

In our company we have been working on a large MSCRM 2011 project. Last week, I was asked to create a report listing all the visible fields for each entity in the solution. During my search, I found a few different ways to do it, but the most fun way was querying the XML. The XML is created when the solution is exported. It's normally several levels deep and even when the structure would depend on the solution the XML listed below is an example of how it would looks like.

CRM 2011 - Hiding a Form's Header and Footer

While Microsoft provides a button to minimize a form's header, we had to fulfill a requirement to automatically minimize the header and completely hide the footer for several entities. The reasoning behind this was that most users weren't going to be making changes to these records, so the client wanted to provide the maximum amount of viewable space. For instance, the Account form normally displays like this, but we wanted to reclaim at least that 90px of height from the ribbon:

CRM 2011: Dynamically Filter a Lookup Based on Multiple Joins

There are times when you would like to filter a Lookup based on the selected value of another Lookup, but those entities do not have a direct relationship to each other. For instance, I had a situation where there was a Work Item Tracking entity that had Lookup fields for both a Project and Work Item Type entity. Based on what the user selected for the Project and the Work Item Type's "Default" value, the Work Item Type Lookup needed to be filtered.

Disable copy and paste with jQuery

Occasionally the need arise to prevent users from copying text from one field and pasting it in another on a Web form. Especially when dealing with confirmation fields such as passwords and email addresses where you want the user to retype the value previously entered to prevent typos. Using jQuery it's more intuitive and becomes a trival task with the bind event, which attaches one or more events to a given handler.

Microsoft CRM 2011: Immediately Open a Record That Was Updated Using oData

This is a quick modification to the article we posted a while ago. In the event that you would prefer to just pop up a record that you've updated or created using oData instead of making your user find it on their own, you can use the AJAX "success" attribute to execute whatever code you want when the update/create is complete.