Earn the Nickname "Eagle Eye!"

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Thorough testing is key to delivering quality software to our customers. In the software development sphere, we invest time and money to create test plans, suites, cases and scripts. Within these documents, we note the details that need to be verified based on the system features being delivered, providing a great cornerstone for our testing efforts.

Beyond the planning and the documents, though, great testing requires a tester who will:

  • Be observant
  • Walk in the user’s shoes
  • Go off-script

Come to the monitor armed with your test scripts. Execute all of the steps outlined in the scripts and note your results. But, while you are at it, keep your eyes and mind open. 

Observe all the details of the screen layout, including headers and footers. Notice how the actions and processes flow. Make note of anything and everything that looks out of place, unusual, questionable or wrong. 

Watch for things that might be confusing or frustrating to the user. Be mindful that the user is likely not as computer-savvy as you, and try to encounter the application from their perspective. Take note of any areas of concern.

Bring into play all of your knowledge of this system. Look for inconsistencies. If some field or action on a screen doesn’t jive with what you have seen (or tested) elsewhere, question it. Bring into play all of your career experience. If you think of some potential improvement, start a dialog with the system architect.

Employing this comprehensive approach to testing will garner you the frequent comment “How did you FIND that?!” and will earn you the title “Eagle Eye!”

About the Author:

TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration and development of sales, marketing and customer service technologies that enable corporate clientele to improve revenue streams and strengthen customer interactions. Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.

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