Follow the Leader: Skills of Top Project Managers

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IT Consulting

How do you know if your project manager is going to crumble under pressure or if they will manage to deliver on time and budget? Each project manager has their own way of handling problems when they arise and project managers are known for preventing problems from cropping up by using a variety of risk management techniques. In our practice, we use these seven principles to evaluate how the project management team addresses the big challenges and delivers value to the client.

10 Commandments of Leadership

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It is important to stay grounded on the journey towards leadership. Below are ten simple commandments to focus on:

Marketing – Technology ≠ Marketing

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Marketing Automation

If marketing’s role is truly to provide an innovative, personalized customer experience, technology is a cornerstone for making this possible. With the addition of technologies, such as marketing automation, social media and SEO, the field of marketing as we know it has changed. These tools are allowing marketers to reach customers and prospects in new, innovative ways, creating a more specialized, personalized outreach approach. With the power of the internet and online tools, marketers are riding the technology wave, utilizing the power that it exudes.

The Benefit of Post-Interview Commentary

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IT Staffing Solutions

Recruiting can be a time-consuming process. From posting the position, to screening resumes, setting up phone interviews, wrangling calendars to set-up in-person interviews, gathering feedback from the hiring team and finally (hopefully), making a decision to hire your next superstar. Then, the process starts all over again with the next position. More than likely, you are going through this process with multiple candidates for each open position.